Turkish-Egyptian Businessmen Forum

Turkish-Egyptian Businessmen Association (TÜMİAD) organized an expanded conference on 18 February 2017 in Hilton Golf Resort, October 6 City, entitled “Turkish-Egyptian Businessmen Forum”, with the aim to deepen economic cooperation between both countries and investigate investment opportunities and available trade exchange between Turkish investors and their Egyptian counterparts. The conference is participated by around 120 Egyptian and Turkish businessmen from various industrial and trade sectors. The following were discussed in the conference:

1- Discuss investment opportunities in the upcoming stage.

2- Respond to questions addressed from participants.

The forum is participated by Eng. Ahmed Abdelrazik, Chairman of Industrial Development Authority (IDA), Mr. Mohamed Adel Ellamey, Honorary Consul of Turkey in Port Said, group of Egyptian and Turkish businessmen and a delegation of economists and journalists.

** Speech by Mr. Attila Ataseven, Chairman of TUMIAD

Mr. Attila Ataseven, Chairman of TUMIAD, indicated that Egypt is the most important country of the Arab region. It is also a rich country having the resources of making it a safe home for foreign investments. He added that Turkish investors are keen on investment in Egypt and deepening cooperation with Egypt, however, it should be known that investment adapts to stable and calm conditions. Therefore, enactment should be made for laws that protect and reassure foreign investors, and improve banking systems in dealing with investors to provide their needs and requirements.

During his speech at the conference of the Turkish-Egyptian Businessmen Association, Ataseven pointed out that there are many areas in which the Turkish investment is expected to work in Egypt during the coming period in various industries, including engineering, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, agro-trade, tourism, health and education services, information technology systems as well as infrastructure projects, building and construction and all contracting works. The Chairman of the Association of Turkish-Egyptian Businessmen stressed that all Turkish investors demand from the State to make sure that the investor is able to solve the problem of unemployment and that he is the first contributor to solving the problem of the State budget deficit, in case of supporting the government and his support and encouragement in various ways, and help him if stumbled. He continued: “We are all in the same boat, facing the same fate and our lives connected to each other.”

** Statements of Mr. Attila Ataseven, Chairman of TUMIAD

Chairman of TUMIAD stated that the conference seeks to strengthen the economic relations between the two countries and promote them with greater cooperation. He stressed that Turkish investors are keen to establish successful economic partnerships with their Egyptian counterparts in various fields, stressing the strength of old relations between the two peoples. He explained: “The conference will witness a broad presence by the Turkish members of the Association and their counterparts of Egyptian businessmen and investors, up to about 50 businessmen from both parties, in various fields to identify the aspects of trade and investment cooperation among them, and added that the total investment value of the planned Turkish pumped in Egypt during the next phase is up to $ 5 Billion, in the fields of energy, mining, health, education, chemical engineering and textile industries”.

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