Get involved in the Committees

Want to have your say, make a difference, and get involved? Turkish-Egyptian Businessmen Association (TUMIAD) is always looking for volunteers interested in strengthening the Egyptian-Turkish business community. The best way to do this is by joining one of the Association committees. Our committees are meant to support the Association various priorities and initiatives. They rely on volunteering members from all sectors, bringing a breadth and depth of expertise and experience that gives each committee a well-rounded knowledge base.As a member, you can add your expertise and insight by participating in one of the Association committees. The committees meet regularly, with the collective goal of improving the business climate and competitiveness for all who live and work here in order to foster bilateral trade and investment between Egypt and Turkey.


Works on activities and initiatives that will increase the potential and attractiveness of Egypt’s tourism sector and its supporting business sectors in the context of bilateral cooperation between Egypt and Turkey.


Works on issues affecting industrial development in collaboration with the government to overcome the most pressing business problems, by offering recommendations to promote industrial sector through attracting industrial investors as well as industrial scientific development to reduce these negatives.

Committee on Public Relations among Members

This committee works to create communication between the members of the association. We provide all contact opportunities and prepare meetings and events. Members of this committee provide advice and support for all communication activities among members as well as schedules of events and all ideas seeking new ways to create effective communication among our members. Thus increasing the interaction among the members of the Assembly on a regular basis.

Logistics Committee

This committee promotes all transport and infrastructure development initiatives that facilitate the movement of people, goods and services throughout the country and present them. It also works to solve the logistic problems of the members and provide advice and preliminary studies on any logistical process between the two countries.